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Products and Services

  • Realization of Scale Models, Models and Prototypos

    ESPAI MODEL S.L. has the equipment and infrastructure necessary to perform with maximum efficiency and adjusted price, any assignment related to their field. From a bacteria model to an entire city, the approachment to an Olympic Games or final university projects, Espai Model works closely with their clients, following their instructions and designs and resolving any doubts that may arise in carrying out all kinds of models.

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  • Display cases and bases

    We can supply all types of containers: from micro-display cases for collectors to large laminated glass showcases of more than 20 m2. We can also made other assigments as specials punchings, packagings with an inert atmosphere, information panels or entire museum installations.

  • Supply of material and piece cutting. Advising

    We have a workshop and a store (Materia Prima) in Barcelona with a vast catalog of materials for the construction of models that can be ship anywhere.

    We offer advice on any material or technical information concerning the model building, museum installation, art and hobby, at our offices, by phone or email.

    We have two CO2 laser cutting and engraving machines, a HT laser, three numerical control tables and all the machinery needed to manufacture pieces from materials purchased at our store or provided by the client.

    We maintain collaboration agreements with companies that allow us to offer waterjet cutting (glass and all metals), Plasma, Oxitall, punching and last generation prototyping.

  • Maintenance and Updates

    We have the equipment necessary to ensure the conservation of models (in museums, etc.), offer an update service (models of urbanism, etc.) and restoration of both own and models made by others. We keep files and formulations of all parts of each model made by us in order to make any changes in the future..

  • Transport, Packaging, Instalation

    If necessary, we manage the transport door to door with all the guarantees. We build the package, transport, assemble and dismantle in the selected location. We ship anywhere all of the materials from our catalog.